Jeeter Juice – Kush Mintz – 1G Disposable


Introducing JEETER JUICE KUSH MINTZ LIVE RESIN – A pinnacle of purity and flavor in cannabinoids and terpene concentration.

• Crafted with strain-specific liquid live resin

• Derived from freshly frozen flowers

• Safeguards complete flavor integrity

• Preserves the full spectrum of therapeutic compounds

• Singular ingredient formulation

While an average THC content of 23% might appear moderate, Kush Mint has a surprising potency that many attest to. The buds exhibit a lush, airy structure with a rich deep green hue, adorned by a substantial coating of glistening white crystals. Beyond the suggestive name, this strain delivers a delightful minty essence interwoven with unexpected notes of earthiness, coffee, and cookies. Its aroma echoes this complexity, establishing it as a favored post-dessert strain for numerous enthusiasts.

Don’t anticipate Kush Mint to be solely invigorating akin to its flavor. While some anticipate a stimulating and motivational experience, more often than not, users report that this strain induces a simultaneous mental and physical relaxation.

Strains that achieve a harmonious equilibrium between cerebral and physical effects are prized among medical users for their holistic benefits. Embrace the opportunity to be among the first to experience the exquisite delight of this flavorful live resin.

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