Jeeter Juice – Mac & Cookies – Disposable 1G


Mac N Cookies represents an evenly balanced hybrid strain resulting from the fusion of the esteemed Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC) and Alien Cheese varieties. Renowned for its unparalleled and incredibly pleasing flavor profile, Mac’N Cookies caters perfectly to hybrid enthusiasts seeking a potent therapeutic experience. This bud presents a delightful combination of sweet creaminess with a cheesiness, complemented by undertones of nutty cookies and a hint of peppery earthiness. The aroma carries more weight, characterized by a robust gassy essence underscored by spicy herbal notes and creamy cheese undertones.

In terms of effects, this strain elicits a spectrum of sensations including arousal, relaxation, increased appetite, euphoria, and uplifting sensations. It has shown potential in alleviating conditions such as pain, nausea, loss of appetite, stress, fatigue, and depression.

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