Jeeter Juice – Mango Banan – Diposable 1G


Banana Mango presents itself as a convenient 1g disposable straw infused with sativa live resin.

Why We Admire It: Banana Mango captures the essence of a delightful fruitiness and is an ideal daytime companion. The exhale reveals tropical fruity nuances, and this strain is meticulously crafted by merging Mango Tree, Banana OG, and Blueberry Muffin genetics.

Dosage and Strength: Jeeter’s Live Resin Disposable straws are designed for effortless portability. Each pen is tailored to a specific strain, preserving its unique flavor. The sole ingredient is Live Resin Cannabis Oil.

Brand Insight: JEETER was conceived amidst the urban and suburban landscapes of South Florida. The catchphrase “Pass the Jeeter” swiftly became a part of everyday conversation. Rooted in nostalgic experiences, Jeeter has now become a prominent pre-roll brand in California.

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