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Hawaiian Sunrise


Hawaiian Sunrise is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain whose lineage remains a mystery due to a lack of available information. The only known fact about its history is that Colorado Seeds Inc. acquired it in 2009, and it is said to originate from the Hawaiian islands. Despite its unclear background, this strain has gained popularity among breeders, as it has produced many tropical strains with an authentic island flavor. Hawaiian Sunrise has a sweet and spicy tropical fruit flavor with a tangy citrus exhale, sometimes accompanied by a peppery taste. When burnt, the nugs release a scent of sweet tropical earth with a spicy herbal citrus aroma.

The effects of Hawaiian Sunrise are perfect for those who need a boost of energy in the morning. Its uplifting and energizing high brings a sense of relaxation to both the mind and body. You’ll feel sociable and talkative, making it easy to converse with those around you in a focused and open manner. At times, you may feel a tingling sensation in your legs and lower back, which is a sign that the magic is working. With an average THC level of 15-25%, Hawaiian Sunrise is often used to treat chronic fatigue, pain, depression, inflammation, and chronic stress. This strain’s nugs are small, grape-shaped, and light minty green, adorned with long, thin hairs, and covered with a thick frosty layer of tiny amber-colored crystal trichomes.

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