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Sluggers 5 pack – Grapes and Cream FREE lanyard


Welcome Sluggers Hit Grapes And Cream to the SLUGGERS HIT lineup! 🏟️ An official collaboration with legacy industry brand, this artwork is inspired by Dunkaroos, Al’s signature fadeaway, Batman & Viola’s iconic purple 🏟️💨🏀

Grapes N Cream, popularly known as “Grapes and Cream,” is a wonderful hybrid strain established by crossing the delectable Grape Pie X Cookies and Cream strains. This famous child has a delicious flavor and a powerful high that will have you flying high before putting you back into blissful drowsiness.
Grapes N Cream features a sweet and creamy sugary vanilla flavor that’s complemented by fresh and juicy grapes and cherries, as the name suggests.
The perfume is equally enticing, with a fiery grape overtone complemented by sweet and sugary fruits. The Grapes N Cream high kicks in a few minutes after your last hit, giving you a sense of creative focus while lulling you to sleep.

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